Banking & Finance

Risk Officer

Dubai,United Arab Emirates


AED 16000 - AED 17000

Full Time


> The Risk Officer will provides leadership and promotes better risk management practices, 

> Ensures that the Company has robust mandated risk management programs in place;

> Provides assurance through the risk management framework to the Risk Review and Assurance Committee (RRAC) and Board

> Plays a key role in the company’s risk and regulatory reporting model;

> Oversees the risk infrastructure with a view to delivering an efficient commercial model.

> Actively promoting a strong risk culture that reinforces risk management as core to strategy, business operations;

> Provides guidance and support to the senior leadership team in all matters pertaining to risk management within insurance;

> Participate in decision-making that supports risk-based considerations that are consistent with company's risk appetite statement, risk management strategy and business plan.

 >Demonstrate effective challenge as part of their participation in the decision-making process, ensuring that material decisions are risk based.

     > Oversee the process for identifying, monitoring, and managing perceived, potential, and actual conflicts of interest.

 Authorized to:

Make final recommendations to the Risk Review and Assurance Committee.

Supervise management issues in rolling out of risk plan.

Proceeding with Final acceptance of management comments to risk findings.

Final close out of outstanding risk findings in prior audit reports.

Review of final risk report drafts.

Deployment of resources across the annual risk plan.

Identifying obstacles or other challenges in risk plan delivery to advise the Board and Audit Committee.


Qualification: Graduate / Post graduate in Business with necessary certifications in Risk management.

Experience:  Around 5 years with prior work experience in the Insurance, Banking or Finance sector.

Timings:  Monday – Friday,  8-5