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Your Premier Choice for Employer of Record, Visa, and Payroll Services in Dubai-UAE


Managing your employees efficiently while remaining compliant with UAE standards can be a tough challenge in the midst of Dubai's dynamic business landscape. Combuzz HR Solutions, located in Dubai, is your reliable partner for comprehensive HR services such as Employer of Record (EOR), Visa processing, and Payroll. Discover how Combuzz HR Solutions can help you grow your business in Dubai while maintaining strict compliance.

Employer of Record Services in Dubai-UAE


Your Gateway to HR Excellence

Employer of Record services in Dubai-UAE are critical to ensure your company grows within the confines of local labour laws. Our EOR services at Combuzz HR Solutions provide a trouble-free journey:

Employer of Record Services in Dubai-UAE

Our EOR services make it simple to navigate Dubai's complex labour requirements. We give experienced advice to assist you in hiring, managing, and retaining staff while conforming to UAE labour rules.

HR Administration Simplified

We handle everything from easy onboarding to diligent contract administration so you can focus on your core business. Our EOR services cover the complete human resource spectrum.

Minimize Legal Risks

Noncompliance with UAE labour rules can result in significant fines. Combuzz HR Solutions mitigates these risks by guaranteeing that your company remains compliant and clear of legal complications.

Visa & Payroll Services in Dubai: Your Hassle-Free Solution

Navigating visa and payroll intricacies in Dubai is made simple with Combuzz HR Solutions:

Visa Processing Services in Dubai

Our visa processing services make the procedure easier for your staff. We handle visa applications and processing, ensuring that your team is legally permitted to work in Dubai.

Work Permit Assistance

We assist you to navigate the complexity of work permits, resident visas, and other critical papers, ensuring that your personnel can work and live in Dubai with confidence.

Payroll Management That Works

Say goodbye to the troubles of payroll management with our payroll services. We provide precise, on-time payments, increasing employee satisfaction and trust.

Compliance with Taxes

Dubai's tax constraints require caution. Payroll and tax compliance are handled by our professionals, allowing you to focus on your strategic goals while saving money.

Combuzz HR Solutions is your one-stop shop for managing Dubai's complex HR, immigration, and payroll systems. You may streamline processes, maintain compliance, and achieve your corporate goals with our comprehensive services.